Special Thank You's 

A lot of people have helped in so many ways to get this trip going.  It isn't much, but I would like to sincerely thank all the people who have donated to the cause or helped me directly in any way.  Thank you all for supporting my dream and I will do my best to make it all worth it. This page will be updated as often as I can!

Cuchullaine O'reilley and the Long Riders Guild.  www.longridersguild.com  When this all was just an idea I contacted the Long Riders Guild and began asking questions.  Cuchullaine has exchanged countless emails for well over a year.  He has given advice, contacts, and listened to me go back and forth on everything from saddles, to locations, and horse shoes.  He has put me in contact with other Long Riders and they have helped me also.  I would not have ever attempted this if it weren't for the Long Riders Guild.  Thank you!  Most of the products I got were recommended off of the LRG site.  I hope I get to meet the Long Riders in person someday and say thanks!

www.Steelesaddle.com for sponsoring us an amazing saddle

www.supracor.com for saddle pads, washing mitt, and seat saver.  Seriously cushy.

www.outfitterssupply.com for a great discount on panniers,saddle bags, lead ropes, water buckets, highline, etc.

Mindy and Trent Watson in Nowata ok

Brandie Woody in Coffeyville, Ks

Mike and Terri Reeves in Millen, Ga

Jason and Amanda Williams in Millen, Ga at www.landandrivers.com

Dr. Chip Pritchard in Louisville, Ga

Jensen James in Rincon, Ga at Lovestone Ranch

Terry Layer in Waynesboro, Ga at Crossridge Ranch

Joe Mckelheer in Los Angeles, Ca

Josh Janowicz in Los Angeles, Ca

Travis Keller in Los Angeles, Ca

Jessica Lebos in Savannah, Ga

Historic Savannah Horse Tours