I was recently invited to a dinner with the top researchers and Neurologists in the Multiple Sclerosis field.  I was invited by Nancy Davis to hear them speak and learn and get to know the charity Race To Erase Ms and the Center Without Walls.  I am so impressed and was so honored to be there.  Instead of spending donations and funding on building a building, they put together doctors from all the top labs and share their work so they can progress together as a team.  It's like Fantastic 4 Marvel comic kind of mad scientist extravaganza of MS research.  They are so interested in finding a cure and sharing their knowledge with each other.  There aren't just trying to make money or get people on drugs for a kickback or any of the other horror stories you hear out there.  Being there gave me hope and faith in the medical community and I am so happy to help raise money for this amazing group of people.  They fully believe, and so do I for what it's worth, that they will find a cure.  And they are close!  Oh to be a fly on the wall at all of their get togethers.

So here is some of what I learned!  Vit D3.  We've heard it before but there is actual research to back it up.  But you have to take a lot!  Like 1000 IU a day!  Exercise!  We also know this but again, there is proof.  But there is a sweet spot.  You have to do it, but not to the point of exhaustion.  If you go too hard or do too little, you progress even faster.  So be nice to yourself and push it, but not too hard.  This worried me a little about my ride but I just have to remember to push it...but not too hard! hehehe

There is a new drug coming out that the Harvard guys are in love with!  I can't even pronounce the name it's something like Ocrelizamab?  But you get an infusion twice a year and that's it.  It's "the closest thing to a cure yet".  We'll see buddy, we'll see.  I can't wait to find out though :)  Apparently it doesn't dampen the immune system like the other drugs, it acts on B-cells.  So maybe less side effects?  hmmmmm time for obsessive research.  Get back to ya on that!

So much more to say but, I'm not a doctor so I'm gonna shut up. 

Live to Love and Love to Live.  Probably cures everything.