I don't know when I stopped dancing.  I used to dance all the time!  I love dancing and I love music and I used to be surrounded by it.  But somehow in the last year or two, I've stopped.  I'm tired all the time.  Driving through the city it feels like I'm being screamed at by all the traffic and billboards and people.    I can't wait to get out of the city!  I can't wait to feel free!  

In other news....

I have been on Tecfidera for almost a month.  Anyone wanting to start, here is my experience.  It really isn't that bad.   First have your white blood cells checked.  If they are low, you can't go on it.   It will lower them even more and put you at risk for infection and PML, a deadly brain infection.  So aside from getting your white blood cells checked every 3 months, it's not that bad.  I get flushing.  My skin gets red and hot.  It burns and itches and sometimes I get mild hives.  HAHA that sounds worse than it is and it doesn't last that long.  The worst is that it upsets your stomach.  They say to eat a cheeseburger or something fatty to cut down the stomach irritation and flushing.  I take it twice a day.  I am supposed to eat a cheeseburger twice a day...forever?  So I may be a blimp soon!  You can take over the counter stuff, like Zantac, to lighten your side effects.  Good news is, these symptoms are supposed to go away after a couple months.  I literally had to race home the other day from my favorite restaurant because I thought I was going to ummm..explode? all over the place!! Hahaha! It's funnier now than it was then.  Then, at another restaurant last night, the toilet actually exploded!  It sprayed me with water and I was soaked through to my underwear!  I had to sneak out of the restaurant and to my car and take off my clothes and drive home pantless.  I am now manifesting this stuff!  We were given a really expensive bottle of sake by the owner though so it was all a good laugh.  I really hope the Tecfidera is protecting me from new lesions.  I won't know until I get another MRI.  I am meeting with the head of the MS center at UCLA on wed to see if she will be my Dr.  I am so excited to have an MS specialist!  Wish me luck :)