Leonard Cohen, Book Of Longing

Leonard Cohen, Book Of Longing

When Leonard Cohen says the word friend, he means it.  The word friend has so much love, so much respect, so much meaning, you feel that he could survive only on that word.  It's deep and warm and lovely.  If I could make someone feel wanted and held and safe and loved with just one word, I would.  

People are starting to help me with the ride!  The Long Riders Guild have been communicating regularly to help me with my planning.  It's so helpful to have people who have done what you are doing give you advice on what gear and strategies to use.  The guys who shot the film "Unbranded" are also helping, thanks to an amazing sweet friend who saw their movie and called them on my behalf.  Another sweet friend who heard of the journey contacted the Race to  EraseMS people for me.  They have agreed to help me since I am donating the money raised to their foundation.  Their foundation is striving for a cure and I believe they will get there!  With all this support and friendship, I know we can't fail.

Thank you, Friends.

Here's a little Cohen for your troubles :)