Why do I want to do this ride? Because it terrifies me. Because I need to get out of the city.  Because I need to feel the earth.  Because I need to make something I can be proud of.  Because I need to use my muscles and stretch my character.  Because it isn't always going to be pretty and that makes it beautiful.  Because I have no idea if it's possible for me to accomplish but I will finish it if I have to drag myself there.  Because I don't want to be so dependent on oil and restaurants and technology and I wonder if there is a way around it.  Because I want to survive on less and simplify.  Because a routine is good. Because I don't know if I have the skills but I am trying like hell to learn everything to make it. Because I need a tangible goal to put everything I have into.  Because every day I wonder if I wake up tomorrow and can't walk, what would I wish that I had done?  Because I want to see mountains and sky and space that I have never seen before.   Because people are beautiful and I want to meet them and horses bring out the wonder and excitement in everyone.  Because I'm an adventurer and life is what you make of it.