Yeah!  My buddy Stan got here!  He is going to help me film video blogs and he's going to drive the Jeep with the feed and water for the horses while I ride.  I am so excited.  We already went to Tulsa and traded in my car for a Jeep!  Problem 1. check.  We were driving back last night and the sky was orange off in the distance.  I was explaining to Stan about how the farmers have been burning their fields lately to make room for new growth and all that.  So we decided to go find the fire!  It was so fun.  We took the Jeep down all these crazy eerie dirt roads following the orange glow in the sky until we finally crested a little hill and there it was.  Acres and acres and acres of burning grass.  We got right next to it and turned off the lights.  We got out to film.  The smoke was really strong and probably not good for us.  A truck pulling a trailer with water and a guy standing in the back drove by us.  They were keeping an eye on the fire and probably thought we were dorks for being out there taking pictures but it was so beautiful.  We made some videos about how to tie a high line and hitch a horse to a tree.  Soon we will post videos and everyone will know how to tie a cow hitch!  It's so nice to have a partner!

I haven't given an MS update in awhile.  Basically because I have been fine!  I have been taking dried Cordyceps Mushrooms powder.  It's the mushroom that the medicine Gilenya is made out of.  I figured if that is the active ingredient in one of the strongest MS medicines then it might help.  Not saying anyone should try this but I am not on medicine right now so I am doing what I can.  I am also taking turmeric powder with black pepper.  Curcumin is the active ingredient in Turmeric and a super potent anti-inflammatory.  I just make a smoothy in the morning and dump in the powders.  I am still taking liquid D3 and liquid Methyl B12.  I think liquids get absorbed better.  I am taking a lot of other pill supplements.  I worry that I'll overload and just pee them out so I try to space them out through out the day.  Somedays I am better at all this than others.  It's a learning curve.   I am still having a hard time changing my diet.  We eat steak out here!  haha  I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself while I am here and just get myself on the road.  I am confident that once I am on the road and have my routine it'll be easier to eat an anti inflammatory simple diet (because that's all I am going to take with me!)  

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