I had a dream last night that David Bowie was my taxi driver.  I was depressed in the back seat and he turned around and started talking to me.  I was trying to act like it was no big deal that he was David Bowie.  He was full of caring and wisdom.  He was beautiful.  I told him that I understood him wanting to drive a taxi and talk to people and see the city because I had wanted to do it too.  But that I wanted to drive for Uber! haha With Uber you pick when you work and there aren't as many rules, you can go home whenever you want. HA!! I told David Bowie he should drive Uber instead of a Taxi!  Then he pulled into a little streetside restaurant and asked if I wanted to hang out.  It was a date all of a sudden.  He said he was married but they were open and would I be his girlfriend, would I like to meet his wife?  I was super down to be in David Bowies relationship and we totally started making out! hahahaha

I am outside Savannah in a tiny farm community called Millen, Georgia.  I am camping by a heavenly pond in a field and Bow is tied on a highline between two trees.  I met Jason, he owns Land and Rivers real estate, last year on a trip to Savannah.  I emailed and asked if I could camp by his pond for a couple weeks to start my trip and he said yes.  It's heaven.  I don't want to leave!  I could live here forever with my horse and my dog.  Only problem right now is that my horse is lame.  His back leg is limping.  He was tied to a post and I was letting him graze on a long rope.  I was right there watching to see if he could figure out how to be on a long line.  It got wrapped up once and I got it undone.  He seemed like he was figuring it out.  He got wrapped up again, and we undid it.  The third time I was over by the pond getting water.  He got his back leg wrapped up and he panicked.  He started kicking and freaking out.  I ran over and got him out of it but when he was kicking he strained a muscle.  I feel terrible.  The vet, Dr. Pritchard, came and he said it isn't bad but I can't ride him for 3 more days.  It's been 3 days rest since we got here.  I hate that I let that happen.  Also, I really need to be working him out and getting him used to being in the city.  So we have a little set back.  

In better news!  We got a starting place in Savannah.  Old Savannah Historic Horse Tours!  We saw a horse and carriage on the street and asked them if we could stay at there barn and start our ride there.  Feels so good to have it set.  May 1st as long as Bow can handle the noise of the city, we will be good.  Please David Bowie!!  Help us start off right!!  I must find some gold eyeshadow!