I just saw this video of my old band!  I miss those days!!!  I loved playing music so much! I loved having partners in crime!  Feels like a lifetime ago.

Last night I had an interactive dinner party to get me on the Wahl's diet.  It was awesome!  We got a bunch of ingredients out of the book and laid them all out on the table.  People came over and got to choose from a huge variety of stuff and cook whatever they wanted.  We had butternut squash soup, sweet potato fries, salad, grilled veggies, quinoa with tons of yummy stuff, buckwheat that was really good.  The dinner made me realize how much good food is on the diet and gave me so much encouragement.  I really believe I can do this.  The night also reminded me of how important it is to reach out to friends even when you don't feel like it.  Being around people is good for you!!  So if you're feeling down, pick up that phone and call or text someone.  Do it! Right Now!!