It's been forever!!  Here's the quick lowdown.  The Rituxan worked apparently.  I am back to normal almost completely.  My hands may have a "new normal".  If they get hot they get really sensitive, like in a hot tub they feel like burn victims.  But I can use them!  When I got back from Mexico and the Nahuatl ceremonies I started a band and I could barely play guitar or anything without them cramping and hurting but now I can play for quite awhile!  I am active, I am doing auditions, playing music, meeting with people, and generally back to normal.  I get my white blood cells checked every month because as soon as they spike I have to get my infusions again.  Still not looking forward to that but the doc says it won't be as bad because I am not in a relapse.  I have to be honest about the whole Wahl's protocol too.  I was soooo good on it!  (for awhile)  But then I wanted to have fun again!  Ugh so I have fallen off.  I am still not eating gluten or dairy so that's good but man trying to eat organ meats and seaweed all the time really took up my whole day.  It was fun to invite people over to eat hearts though hahaha I love to get witchy.  

I need to do an entire post on Leonard Cohen and his inspiration on my life.  I have 2 of the same shirt of his that friends have given me as presents.  I could feel that he was going to pass soon and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I wrote a song for him using a line from the letter he wrote to Marianne, his lover, when she was passing.  I started wearing the shirts every day and was going to wear them every day til he passed.  It was two weeks before it happened.  I cried in an Uber when I found out.  I drunk texted the song to my neighbor who is a producer and also loved him.  He offered to record it for me so I have a nice recording of it.  We have been recording it so I will post as soon as it's finished.  Until then, here's the man himself.

My mirrored twin, my next of kin, I'd know you in my sleep.