Well, I was putting off going full force on preparing for the ride because I had 6 months to try and get pregnant!  I wanted to get pregnant before starting Tecfidera.  It's a new drug for MS that you shouldn't get pregnant on.  My Neuro gave me a few months, but it didn't happen :(  But the good news is, I can do the ride!  I wouldn't have been able to with a baby.  Everything happens in the only way it can happen.   So, onward and upward!  Time for an adventure!  Maybe I'll try again next year .  Let's see how this medicine works!  Is it weird that I like getting an MRI?  I think it's so interesting to be a little science experiment and look inside my brain!  It's also cool to see if what you have been doing is affecting the lesions.  I'll let you know!