My boyfriend and I decided to ride his new motorcycle to see Sturgill Simpson play in Tucson, Az.  We rode around 1500 miles in the trip!  Near the Salton Sea we went through a desert windstorm which turned into a whiteout for awhile.  Battling the wind and sand the bike was at a 45 degree lean for hours.  It was terrifying and exhausting with the semi trucks threatening to suck us under and then push us down once we blasted past.  I finally had to decide to love the semi's and the wind.  I couldn't keep up that amount of adrenaline for so long!  So when a gust would feel like the wheels were going to slide from beneath us, I would laugh as loud as I could and pretend it was a rollercoaster ride.  We started leaning our heads down and I felt like a rocketeer.  I started asking the trucks to honk.  The trip became an adventure and we really felt like we had accomplished something when we finished.  The day after the ride I had the worst MS feelings I have had yet.  My legs vibrated and shook until I couldn't stand and I couldn't bear to move even a toe because of the pins and needles feeling.  But, I meditated.  I breathed.  I hydrated.  And it passed.  I think it was so good for me to experience that.  I know that it will pass and I can complete my journey.  We rode another 500 miles after that.  Traveling at 90mph is exciting, but I really can't wait to travel 5mph with my horse.  I can't wait to feel connected to the land, as opposed to racing over the top of it.